Our producer: Conceprio Michele Sagl.

Michele Conceprio, viticultural engineer and winemaker, to whom 27 vintages are owed, founded his winery in 1998 with the purchase of the first 2 hectares of vineyards in Basso Malcantone. For several years he worked as a consultant in oenology and viticulture. In 2005 he started a collaboration with Adriano Kaufmann, which led him to take over the vineyards and the winery and to continue the production of PiO DELLA ROCCA and Sauvignon Blanc (PiO BIANCO) wines. 2014 is the year of change, Conceprio Michele decides to convert all his vineyards to organic farming.

Topics in Wine

Wine purchasing
Our wine purchasing process is straightforward: simply send us a detailed list of the wines you wish to sell.