Producers: Delavenne Père & Fils

The Delavenne Pere & Fils Champagne House has been working as a winemaker in Bouzy since 1920 - today in the heart of Champagne. The family defines itself as keeping and preserving the traditions and values ??of its family and Champagne. To cope with the ecologically growing characteristics, the champagne house strives for an integrated agriculture. (Integrated winegrowing methods: conservation of soil with simultaneous biodiversity between the vines, no pesticides, use of pesticides). Thus, the production is carried out with the utmost care for the environment and the process is constantly adapted. Diligence, a strong work ethic and respect for nature are at the heart of their work. The house Delavenne is a "manipulator-harvester", i. Cultivation of the own vine, own processing, vinification and own marketing. "RM" (Récoltant's manipulator). A qualification and a character of the independent, the allowed, the production stage to control and the high quality to secure. Delavenne combines vines from three different terroirs and creates Year for Year special and expressive champagnes, which are regularly awarded. Delavenne uses only 2 different grapes for the production of champagne: Pinot Noir (dark grapes) and Chardonnay (light grapes). The Pinot Noir is characterized by aromas of red berries and a clear structure. The Chardonnay gives the wines fine aromas, floral and citrus notes and sometimes minerality. Thanks to the careful assemblage by the experts Jean-Louis and Jean-Christophe Delavenne, the two grape varieties are characterized by the flowery and fruity character, the champagne of Delavenne. The end result is a row of fascinating cuvees with a fracture style, the crystal acid, a brilliant reinness of early and an impressive feeling of grand cru quality. The love for the vine and the wine makes the family produce ever-recurring quality. The municipality Bouzy was classified in 1895 as a Grand Cru community, d. H. the vines have the best classification for the production of champagne. This is due to the unique sun-facing location of the vineyards. Only 17 of the 320 municipalities in Champagne are classified as AOC Grand Cru.

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