Our producer: Fromm

A family history for more than 100 years. Wine growing is in the blood of the family Fromm. Even Georg's great-grandfather Bartholomäus Fromm produced wine from his own vineyards and his grandfather, also Georg Fromm was awarded a gold medal in 1912 for his Pinot Noir from the single plot Schöpfi. At 16 years and 2 generations later, Georg Fromm took over the family winery and pressed his first wine. Environmentally friendly management of the vineyards, holistic vine management and spurred on by an innovative spirit and a fine sense of harmony and taste, their wines achieve a quality previously unrivaled in the Bündner Herrschaft. The 4.5 acre family business is still largely planted with the same noble plant that cultivates Pinot Noir vine. In 1991, a three-month stay in New Zealand should be a major change. Fascinated by the unique nature and amazed by the ideal climatic conditions, Ruth and Georg founded a second operation in the same year, literally on the other side of the world. From that point on, they had become wine walkers in two worlds. 2007, the winery La Strada was sold in Marlborough, but they kept the vineyard Clayvin Vineyard, George's favorite vineyard.

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