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The Noëllat family is one of the oldest in Vosne-Romanée. The estate was founded in the 19th century by Félix Noêllat. His sons Charles and Ernest shaped the history of the city. Charles, who died in 1939, is the ancestor of Alain Hudelot-Noëllat and Jean-Jacques Confuron. They inherited a significant part of the Domaine Charles Noëllat after his death, Lalou Bize-Leroy eventually took 12 more acres in possession. Ernest had two sons: Georges and Henri. Domaine Georges Noëllat is now led by the talented Maxime Cheurlin. This area is clearly one of the best of Vosne-Romanée. Henri Noëllat was the husband of Marie Thérèse Jayer, whose common domain was named "Henri Jayer". Yes, that's the domain from which you can collect bottles at huge prices today. They had two children, Michel, whose name today bears the domain, and Lucette. Michel Noëllat (1927-1989) and his wife of a family from Chambolle-Musigny had four children, including Alain and Jean-Marc. Both founded S.C.E.A. "Domaine Michel Noëllat et fils" in 1989 after the death of her father. They are the fifth generation of winemakers in the family. In addition to the names already mentioned, the Noëllat are also associated with other Burgundian star winemakers such as Cécile Tremblay, Jean-Pierre and Yves Confuron and Ghislaine Barthod. Ghislaine Barthod is the sister of Alain and Jean-Marc.

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