Our producer: Scaglione Gabriele

At the age of 19, Guido Giuseppe buys the first oak barrels in Asti and builds his first winery. The vineyards are mainly located in Roero, Langhe and Colline Alfieri, in the Monferrato area. A hilly landscape that is particularly suitable for wine growing. You are also influenced by the nearby Alps and the Mediterranean, which is only 80km away. For Guido, wine production is a great inspiration (love and passion for the region), and despite his economics degree, he is challenging himself in this profession despite his economic studies. At the beginning of his career, he produces only white wines, based on the famous autochthone grape variety from Piedmont: the Arneis grape. Latest technologies and innovations do not mean that you no longer have to worry about the vineyards. On the contrary, the characteristics of the grapes are even more expressive through these techniques and it is only possible to work with healthy and mature grapes. Pescaja tries not only to produce good handmade wine, but to create a balance between man, nature and lifestyle.

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