Our producer: Studach Thomas

The success story of Thomas Studach began in 1988, with the takeover of the vines from his grandfather. With 3 hectares, the exceptional artist begins to produce fantastic wines. Due to a lack of financial resources, Studach had to work on other wineries. On his own vineyards he could only work afterwards. Since 1998 Thomas Studach produces only his own wines. With passion, perfectionism and a close-to-nature work in the vineyards, Studach brings wines of finesse, structure and complexity to the market. There is only one Pinot Noir produced at the winery, it is a Pinot Noir 100% fermented and matured in new french barriques. Like his friend, patron, role model and adviser Mr. Daniel Gantenbein. A rigorous restriction of yields, 11-12 months of aging in new French oak barrels make his wines the figureheads of the winegrowing scene in Malans.

Topics in Wine

Wine purchasing
Our wine purchasing process is straightforward: simply send us a detailed list of the wines you wish to sell.