Barbaresco "Crichet Paje" Roagna, Az. Agr. i Paglieri 2012, 75 cl.

Producer: Roagna

Vintage: 2012

Country: Italy

Region: Piemonte

Grape varieties:
  • 100% Nebbiolo

Categorie: red wine

Bottle size: 75 cl.

Ripeness: 2027 - 2062

Taste: trocken

Winestyle: ausdruckstark & fein

Food recommendation: reife Hartkäse, Wildgeflügel, Geschmorte Gerichte, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Hirschentrecôte , Festtagsgericht, Piemontesische Gerichte

Spicy notes of cloves, allspice, mace and pepper blend with cherries, laurel and raspberry jelly, currant leaves and floral top notes of orange blossom complete the pleasure. In the drink Crichët Pajé presents itself with great calm in a steady flow. Nothing here is impertinent or exuberant, but shines with distinguished elegance - an equilibrium in perfect balance. Silky with almost aristocratic noblesse, its enormous complexity reveals itself in the second sip, when the aromas in the epic reverberation begin to unfold like a huge win-zip file. A wine for today, for tomorrow and for many, many more years to come. Undisputed world class.

Vinification / aging

Berry by berry is selected and only those that are in optimal condition are fermented. They ferment for about 10 days in wooden barrels with indigenous yeasts and then remain with the skins for at least two and a half months to extract as many compounds as possible and thus develop a wine with great ageing potential. Finally, the wine matures for eight years in neutral oak barrels.


Origin, terroir, authenticity. Everyone is talking about it - Luca Roagna and his family live it. To this end they have drawn up a splendid 10-point manifesto. Because the Roagnas cultivate some of the very best vineyards around Barbaresco and Castiglione di Falletto in Barolo. Some of them since 1880, which is longer than Barbaresco has existed as a wine denomination. Here "Vecchie Vigne" are indeed old vines - up to almost one hundred years old. Pajé, Montefico, Asili, Faset in Barbareso, La Pira, La Rocca in Barolo and, more recently, Albesani e Gallina in Neive are the top sites that make Piedmont lovers' hearts beat faster. The Crichet-Pajé with the distinctive label is the absolute top Barbaresco from the best plots of the Pajé. The name comes from the Piedmontese dialect and means something like "hill of good exposure". It is the heart of the Pajé, only half a hectare in size, facing south-west, open to the Tanaro river, whose radiation mitigates the hot summers and cold winters. Always blown by the wind, and with marl soils with a high calcareous content, it is ideal for elegant nebbiolo. The youngest vines in the Crichet Pajé are 60 years old". These precious vineyards are planted and cultivated organically. No herbicides, no pesticides and no fertilizers. So says the manifesto. And you can see that in the vineyards too. Everything is alive. Especially the beneficial insects: Insects, beetles, caterpillars and, of course, bees do a lot of the "work" naturally. In addition, there is the strict manual selection of physiologically ripe grapes, vineyard by vineyard. In the new cellar there is now also space to develop the individual sites separately. Only with their own yeasts, i.e. "spontaneously", fermentation starts in the large wooden fermentation racks, which allow for good micro-oxidation but do not give off any toasting. Because these are also points of the manifesto. Point 10 reads: "Pure from the terroir without the influence of oak aromas."


Calcareous marl soils are ideal for an elegant Nebbiolo wine.

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