Chablis Terroir de Fye Patrick Piuze 2019, 75 cl.

Producer: Piuze Patrick

Vintage: 2019

Country: France

Region: Chablis

Grape varieties:
  • 100% Chardonnay

Categorie: white wine

Bottle size: 75 cl.

Ripeness: 2022 - 2025

Taste: trocken

Winestyle: frisch & mineralisch

Food recommendation: Ziegenkäse, gegrillte Langoustine, Austern, Seezunge mit Fenchel, marinierter Thunfisch, Gemüsegerichte, Burgundische Spezialitäten

Since 2008, he now leads his own winery and is known for the high-mineral, straightforward and fresh Chablis. They always wonderfully express the expression of each individual terroir and vintage. His wines are often a little strict in youth, but are blessed with a great aging potential. Piuze often reaps early. Earlier than most in Chablis. He wants to keep the freshness, the elegance and the acidity in the must and thus give the wines the signature of each vineyard.

Vinification / aging

Only grapes from 60 and more years old vines, which are organically or biodynamically processed in selected vineyards, in order to bring the single vineyards characteristics as precisely as possible to bear. A very restrained use of new wood allows terroir wines of great purity, clarity and elegance as well as outstanding fruit, freshness and minerality.


Patrick Piuze has established himself since the year 2010 permanently as Raveneau and Dauvissat as another top winemaker in Chablis. He was not born in the cradle. His first experiences with wine, he made when he met at a young age on ski holidays Marc Chapoutier. The fire in him was awakened, he traveled to Australia, South Africa and Israel to work at various wineries. In 1997 he opened a wine bar in Montreal. But even here he was not close enough to the wine. In the summer of 2000, Patrick Piuze came to Burgundy as a backpacker. In Puligny-Montrachet he came across the winery Olivier Leflaive. Patrick took the opportunity to volunteer for the upcoming harvest. So the entrance was made. Now he went through all stages of a wine crazed in fast motion. From harvest helper to vineyard work and cellar mastery to winemaker. And he made contact with other wine cravers in Burgundy and Chablis. In July 2008, Patrick then founded his tiny boutique winery in Chablis. Already his first year is fascinatingly good. And I must confess that no wine of the legends of Chablis impressed me so much, as the 2008er of Patrick Piuze. The secret of his success, however, is relatively simple: only grapes from over 60 years old vines and tiny, organic to biodynamically cultivated vineyards. The most meticulous work in vineyard and cellar and very moderate use of new wood (minimal toasting of new and used Barrique barrels), in order not to counteract the ingenious fruit, the superior freshness and the high minerality. Each layer is processed microclimatically uniquely, its terroir differences taste more distinct than any other winemaker. His 1 Crus are milestones in Chablis, the Grand Crus are among the best in the field of white Burgundy.

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