Our producer: Annatina Pelizzatti

"Shaped and inspired by a long tradition of viticulture in Jenins, I have been associated with this culture since I was a child. Like many generations before me, I would like to continue our 4-hectare business with a lot of commitment and passion. In 1997 I pressed my first wine, Gained experience and attended various courses. Guided by the cycles of the seasons, new character-shaped wines are created every year. "

For 4 years now, Annatina has been actively supported by her daughter Laura, who is trained as a winemaker. "It is nice and exciting to work hand in hand and make decisions together in order to get the very best out of our vineyards"

Between 20,000 and 25,000 bottles are filled annually at the Pelizzatti winery in Jenins. A major part is made up of the pure Pinot Noir «Eichholz», a cru made from old vines that is matured in large wooden barrels. Together with her daughter Laura, she has now switched the business to organic.

Today their wines are among the best in the Bündner Herrschaft.

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