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Domaine Eleni et Edouard Vocoret, Chablis

Eleni is of Greek and German origin and studied wine marketing in Austria. She learned the whole wine-making process at Weingut Jurtschitsch in the famous Kamptal area in Austria.
Edouard is from Chablis and represents the 7th generation of wine-makers in the Vocoret family. After having studied and worked all over France (e.g. Domaine Daniel et Julien Barraud, Domaine Gilbert Piqu et fils, Domaine La Grand' Ribe), he decided to go to NZ to get to know a different approach of wine-making.
Eleni and Edouard get to know each other working together during the 2010 harvest at Allan Scott Winery in NZ. Afterwards they decide to return to Chablis to do a second harvest together and Edouard's family estate.

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Bündner Herrschaft

The Burgundy of Switzerland

Thanks to the warm wind (called "grape cooker"), the Bündner Herrschaft is considered to be the warmest wine region in German-speaking Switzerland. The climate, the natural management and the low yields give the wines their special shine.

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