Our producer: Az. Agr. Piero Busso

The Piero Busso winery is located just outside the idyllic Barbaresco village of Neive in the middle of the renowned Albesani vineyard area and has made a name for itself for its excellent Barbaresco cru wines. The Bussos, whose small winery is located in the famous Albesani area, a stone's throw from Santo Stefano and in front of the outstanding Gallina cru vineyard. Following Piero's strict standards, not only are vinification and aging tailored to the specific characteristics of each vineyard, but each plot also has its own vinification tank.

The small family business has plots in excellent locations in four different Barbaresco areas. The family owns some of the best crus in Neive, including the Borgese vineyard in the Albesani cru and a perfectly aligned vineyard of old vines in the heart of the Gallina site. The family is also represented in the municipality of Treiso with almost two hectares of vineyards and produces the classic Barbaresco San Stunet.

In the winery, Busso combines traditional and non-traditional methods. To preserve the integrity of each vineyard's distinctive characteristics, it ferments only with wild yeasts in temperature-controlled steel tanks. Up until the 2010 harvest, Busso also used some barriques, especially for the Barbaresco Gallina, which was completely matured in barriques. The company's four Barbarescos are now being aged again in the classic way and exclusively in Slavonian 20 hectolitre barrels.

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