Our producer: Azienda Agricola LaLù

La and Lu - these are the two highly talented winegrowers Lara and Luisa, who cultivate their slopes around Barolo with the utmost care and completely without pesticides. This results in fine, almost Burgundian Barolo without missing a touch of authenticity. Where does this touch of Cote de Nuits come from? - In addition to Trediberri, the two women also practiced with Cecile Tremblay and none other than Comte Lafon.

The Barbera is bursting with density - yet the two manage to give the heavy grape variety freshness, complexity and more moderate alcohol levels by fermenting parts of the stems.

Their playground is the Cru "Le Coste del Monforte" and precisely the upper part of this top location, which historically is the birthplace of the world-famous Monfortino by Giacomo Conterno.

The "little Barolo" - the Langhe Nebbiolo, comes from the Barolo Cru "Roncaglie" in la Morra, where the most fragrant and delicate Nebbiolo grow, which blesses the wine with an extraordinary drinking flow.

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