Our producer: Castello di Fonterutoli

The historic town of Fonterutoli, formerly part of the military defenses of Florence, is just a few kilometers from Castellina in Chianti. The view drops to Siena, where you can clearly see the outline of the cathedral and the Torre del Mangia.

In Fonterutoli there is a unique, stony soil created by the natural decay of the typical limestone and sandstone from ancient sedimentary layers. Over centuries of work, the mazzei managed to turn this rocky, dry ground into a noble location in which diversity is today a leitmotiv. Fonterutoli covers a total of 650 hectares, of which only 117 are planted with wine. These areas are divided into five zones, ranging in height from 220 to 550 meters above sea level; a total of 120 individual plots are managed. They are harmoniously embedded in other plantations, fields and their own forest, in which a diverse fauna of wildlife lives. All grapes are harvested by hand; The yield of each plot is pressed separately and matured in wooden barrels. Thus, in the end, the variety of flavors and the great wealth of characteristic flavors can show off.

Fonterutoli was in the years 1202 and 1208 the scene of two peace negotiations between Florence and Siena, after which finally the territory of Chianti was awarded to the Florentines. In the first years of the thirteenth century, the two Tuscan cities were devastated by the wars over Chianti. Therefore, they decided the following solution: The border between the two should be exactly at the point where two knights met, who each started their ride at the first cockcrow in their city. The Florentines relied on a black cock, a "gallo nero"; He was starved, so that he should crow before dawn. So the knight from Florence was able to set off with a big lead and the meeting takes place exactly in Fonterutoli, with a view of the nearby Siena.

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