Our producer: Chiara Condello

Chiara has chosen a little piece of land close to a forest, in the heart of the appellation Predappio, exposed to east, at 250 meters above sea level. Here the vines are deeply rooted in a poor calcareous-clay soil which is rich in pliocenic sandstones called Spungone. Here 3 million years ago there was the sea, and from here Chiara started working to produce a wine that is the expression of this uniquesness.

Chiara has followed a simple but clear path: organic viticolture, attention and respect for the plants and the soil, manual workings, organic fertilization, mechanical weeding and a very low use of sulphur and copper for crop-pest control.

The harvest is manual and once the grape are in the cellar the work is governed by the principle of respect for the fruits and the timing required by the Sangiovese. Fermentation vats are filled by gravity and Chiara is opposed to anything that can bring standardization, so her way of vinifying preserves all the sources of diversity: indigenous yeast fermentation, very little temperature control and long macerations. The ageing takes place in slavonian oak barrels before being completed in the bottle.

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