Our producer: Denis Mercier

Coming from Lausanne, the Mercier family moved to Valais around 1908, more precisely to Sierre. In search of a summer residence, they decided to build a small castle on the Pradecer slope. Since 1982, Anne-Catherine and Denis Mercier manage the 7.2 hectare vineyard with much love and craftsmanship. Around Sierre you will find the vineyards of the Mercier family. The single plots Pradec, Goubing and Anchette provide the Merciers the grapes for the red and white wines. The single plots are managed in the sense of integrated production. The choice of grape variety and the location, the in-house fertilizer and the "sprays", selected for ecological qualities, contribute to the successful growth of all vines. Low yields, the respect for nature and the grapes, the terroir and the vintage, make the vintages come into their own year after year. Every single wine should be a discovery.

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Wine purchasing
Our wine purchasing process is straightforward: simply send us a detailed list of the wines you wish to sell.