Our producer: Domaine Benoît Moreau

Benoit Moreau learned his craft at the Wine College in Beaune. In the year of his graduation, 1999, he made his first harvest on the family domaine Bernard Moreau et Fils. In order to broaden his horizons, he completed further harvests in New Zealand and South Africa in the years 2002-2004. When he returned home afterwards, he immediately switched the family domain to organic viticulture and then to biodynamic viticulture. In 2020, after 22 vintages, he left the family domain to start his own winery. He built his own winery in Chassagne Montrachet. At the same time, Benoit acquired 1.7 hectares in Beaujolais, and he will sell the wines under the name l`Arlesienne. Here, too, he will switch to biodynamics in the short term. The 2020 vintage is very special for Benoit because friends helped him with high-quality must from several dream locations in order to be able to vinify his first own wines. The 2021 vintage will produce the first wines from his own vineyards. Benoit: "My objective is to respect the vine, nature by limiting interventions so as to let the terroir speak, from the grape to the bottle. each of the operations, decisions are carefully considered. It is for this reason that I create, for example, appellations such as Chassagne-Montrachet "Les Charrières" and two different places called Morgeot by separating the Fairendes to the Cardeuse which are located at the opposite end of the appellation. The aging is also extended so that the wines gain in purity and precision.”

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