Our producer: Domaine Camille Thiriet

Domaine Camille Thiriet, founded in 2016, is located opposite the Château de Comblanchien, in Côte-d´Or, in the heart of the Côte-de Nuits.

Everything is done by hand here, pumped into the bucket, crushed on foot and then processed with the ratchet press. The bottles are labeled and waxed by hand.

“We focus on making small appellations. We want to stick to a small production so that we give each bottle as much attention as possible. "

After years of experience in production and sales, the Canadian-born cellar master Matt Chitick and the Burgundian Camille Thiriet have demonstrated prudence and ambition to make a long-term dream come true: to produce Burgundy wines under their own label. Camille and Matt met while working for Domaine de Bellene; Matt was cellar master from 2011 to 2014 and Camille was in charge of sales. Their experience at Domaine de Bellene has given Camille and Matt access to many renowned winemakers on the Côte d´Or. This network enables them to source only the best fruit. The aim is to vinify small appellations from beautiful terroirs with the greatest possible care. « Pour faire du bon vin, il faut du bon raisin ! »

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Wine purchasing
Our wine purchasing process is straightforward: simply send us a detailed list of the wines you wish to sell.