Our producer: Domaine Henri Boillot

He is one of the »superstars« of Burgundy .... which was never his goal, because he does not cause much of a stir around himself. For Henri Boillot, only his wines are in the foreground, and with those he has already caused a sensation. Since 1885, the Boillot family run a winery in one of the largest appellations of the Côte de Beaune. Launched as Négociant, since 2006 he leads the domain of his father Jean Boillot in 5th generation. Today, Henri Boillot is the director of the Domaine with its 19 hectares of vineyards. Its careful and accurate way of working is recognized by the best known critics of great wines. He is an important protagonist of the Renaissance of Burgundy, the return to the terroir, natural cultivation and traditional vinification. Respect for the location, the soil and the vines is an absolute priority for him, and the finesse, mineral, deep and emotional style of his wines speaks volumes - from Bourgogne Blanc to the sensational Grands Crus. If you want to look into the future of Burgundy, you will already see it at Henri Boillot.

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