Our producer: Domaine Robert Groffier Père & Fils

At the Groffiers every wine is pressed with 'Grand Cru' care. Even the simple Bourgogne rouge - from almost 40-year-old plantations in the municipalities of Morey St. Denis and Vougeot, shows great character and amazing intensity, a perfect Burgundy for all occasions. Every terroir enthusiast should at least once compare both Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru sites of the house, because they offer the connoisseur the opportunity to compare the characteristics of both Chambolle Grand Crus Musigny and Bonnes Mares for a fair price. The Haut Doix is very similar to the Musigny, its strengths lie in its gracefulness and silky texture, while the Sentier is stronger, richer and more fleshy, characteristics that also distinguish a Bonnes Mares. Groffier is not only the largest owner in the Chambolle 1er Cru Lage Les Amoureuses, his version is also regularly one of the most successful, intense, powerful and extremely seductive. Finally, the two Grand Crus of the domain are truly great Burgundies, the muscular Bonnes Mares with its characteristic pressure, but with the soft tannins typical of Groffier, the Clos de Béze reserved, but incredibly complex and intense. For Clive Coates, Groffier's wines are "the true Pinot Noirs, with complexity, purity and finesse".

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