Our producer: Domaine Y. Clerget

At the Clerget's, you have to go down to the cellar to go back in time. See 7 centuries go by and plunge into the roots of a family settled in Burgundy since 1268. This incredible lineage of winegrowers unrolls the thread of the vintages with, as a legacy, the love of the terroir. A history woven from father to son over 28 generations. Since the arrival of Thibaud, the Clerget estate has not only had a new face, it has a new destiny. Trained in France and abroad, this wine-trotter keeps his feet on the ground: from the vineyard to the marketing, Thibaud is on all fronts. His ambition? To take his wines ever further. His vision, his humility and his taste for adventure make him one of the most promising winemakers of his generation. Guardian of the past, Thibaud imprints on his ancestors the good peasant sense, the rigour and the listening of the terroirs. A craftsman in his ranks, at ease on a tractor, vigilant in the winery and farsighted in the cellar, he is part of the pure Burgundian tradition. Bursting with energy, Thibaud belongs to a new generation of curious and open-minded winemakers. He is never rigid in his principles nor locked in strict rules; for him, each vintage is a new challenge and a new adventure. It is his moment to shine.

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