Our producer: La Spinetta

The La Spinetta winery was founded in 1977 in the heart of the Moscato growing region. Today the brothers Bruno, Carlo and Giorgio Rivetti own La Spinetta G. Rivetti. The management has been entrusted to Giorgio Rivetti. Today the winery is a considerable size with around 100 hectares. It is best known for its single-site wines. This includes, for example, the Barbaresco Cru Starderi Vursu. This red wine is made from the Nebbiolo grape variety. The grapes ripen slowly and are often not picked until November. The powerful taste of cherry and chocolate is characteristic of this dark red wine. In addition to the Starderi Vursu, two other cru locations were created, the Gallina Vursu and the Valeirano Vursu. The labels of the three cru locations have a special feature. The winery La Spinetta G. Rivetti chose Albrecht Dürer's rhinoceros as the imprint. This is to underline the powerful taste. Other wines in the La Spinetta G. Rivetti winery also have labels with Dürer motifs. The winery La Spinetta G. Rivetti has achieved a great mix with Barbera and Nebbiolo. Giorgio Rivetti gives him the name "Pin" after his father's nickname. This immediately achieved the award of the coveted "3-glass wine". The winery La Spinetta G. Rivetti is a family business with the help of 65 employees, producing top wines again and again.

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