Our producer: Weingut Obrecht

The Obrecht winery was one of the first to bottle and sell wine in the Bündner Herrschaft. But here tradition has not become the shackle of innovation. The sun has always been the symbol of the winery and can still be found on every bottle today.

In 2006, Christian V. and Francisca Obrecht-Lustenberger took over almost 7 hectares of vineyards in Jenins and Malans. Both strive for harmony between plants and the environment and use the biodynamic method to do so. They are convinced that biodynamically produced wines are characterized by greater independence, typical terroir, freshness and digestibility.

Christian and Francisca form a patent, creative winemaker couple. The well-founded training and the experience gained give them the self-confidence to look for risks or even the unconventional in the vineyard and in the cellar. "It would be a shame if your head was full of new ideas and you only stuck with the tried and tested."

Topics in Wine

Wine purchasing
Our wine purchasing process is straightforward: simply send us a detailed list of the wines you wish to sell.