Alzero Cabernet Giuseppe Quintarelli 2012, 150 cl.

Producer: Giuseppe Quintarelli

Vintage: 2012

Country: Italy

Grape varieties:
  • 40% Cabernet Franc
  • 40% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 20% Merlot

Categorie: red wine

Bottle size: 150 cl.

Ripeness: To 2042

Taste: trocken

Winestyle: üppig & voluminös

Food recommendation: Blauschimmelkäse, reife Hartkäse, rotes Fleisch, Wildbraten

Alcohol content: 16.5 %

Compared to the company's Amarone, the Alzero has greater structure and concentration, with a powerful, warm and soft body. Dark ruby with brownish reflections. On the nose, sweet aromas of dark red fruits, damp forest floor and a hint of noble winter truffle. On the palate, highly concentrated, punchy and with beautiful suppleness and finely granulated tannin. Its dense body and due immense complexity opens up depth, aroma diversity and in addition a fine sweet Amarona style with every further sip!Not a playful experiment by a quality fanatic, but a serious, finesse-rich wine with a clear signature and terrific ageing potential!

Vinification / aging

The Wine is then aged in French barrels for two or three years, then racked into Slavonian oak barrels for four more years


The late, great maestro del Veneto, Giuseppe Quintarelli, managed to build his mythical and legendary estate during an amazing sixty-year career. All the tradition, love, heart and soul of making one of the world's finest wines continues at the Quintarelli house and winery in the hills north of Verona. Giuseppe's daughter Fiorenza, his son-in-law Giampaolo and his grandsons Francesco and Lorenzo all watch over the family legacy. It is impossible to talk about Quintarelli without superlatives. The name itself stands for so much: the family, the wines, a style, a tradition, a way of doing things. After all the time, effort, patience and care that goes into making a bottle of Quintarelli, it really means so much more than just wine. Giuseppe, affectionately known as "Bepi" by those close to him, was a perfectionist in every way. From the beautiful handwritten labels to the best quality corks to the exquisite wine in the bottles, the Quintarelli name is a stamp of authenticity and the ultimate indication of artisanal, handcrafted, uncompromising wine of the highest quality. Nothing is rushed at Quintarelli. The wines take their time and get the time they need.

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