Gosset Grand Rosé Brut, Gosset, 75 cl.

Producer: Gosset

Country: France

Region: Champagne

Grape varieties:
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir

Categorie: sparkling wine

Bottle size: 75 cl.

Taste: Brut

Winestyle: ausdruckstark & fein

Alcohol content: 12 %

In the Grand Rosé with its delicate salmon / raspberry pink, Pinot and Chardonnay combine to form a smooth and finesse red fruit-based Reserve Cru.

Vinification / aging

The Grand Rosé Brut by Gosset was made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. A special feature of Gosset Champagne is that they do not undergo malolactic fermentation and therefore have a lot of freshness. The grapes for the Grand Rosé Brut come almost exclusively from Grand Cru locations. After a bottle fermentation of about 3 years, the wine was mixed with a delicate dosage and corked.


Great honor for Champagne Gosset: in 2010 and just on the 425th anniversary, the Guide Hachette awarded the Champ de Gosset Grande Réserve the Coup de Coeur and the Grappe d'Or as the best wine of the year! Gosset, the oldest wine house of Champagne, was founded in 1584. At a time when the wines were still, so did not foam. In the 18th century you start with the actual champagne production. In 1994 the house was sold by the Gosset family to the Renaud-Cointreau family. Today, Jean-Pierre Cointreau is at the helm of the company, which he continues in the spirit of Gossets. The headquarters remain traditional in the heart of Champagne, in Aÿ, while the main part of the cellars was moved to Epernay for production, in a stately home, which until 2009 housed Laurent Perrier. Like most champagne houses, Gosset itself has few own vineyards. It works together with about 200 different winegrowers, with whom one has closed long-term purchase contracts. The style Gosset is characterized by the long maturation period on the yeast. Already at the Grande Réserve it is a good four years! Due to this long storage time and the gentle treatment of the base wines, Gosset Champagnes reach a unique and complex character. The conscious renouncement of the malolactic fermentation supports the creaminess of the mousse. Although Gosset uses a large part of Chardonnay in the assemblage, they are characterized by the famous Grands Noirs from Aÿ. Characteristics are the deep color, the extremely creamy perlage and a powerful, delicious taste.

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