Gin Nr. 3 Georg Fromm, Malans, 50 cl.

Producer: Fromm

Country: Switzerland

Region: Malans

Categorie: spirits

Bottle size: 50 cl.

Winestyle: fruchtig & aromatisch

Eight different botanicals, including angelica, elderflower and lemongrass, are grown in our courtyard garden for the refreshing recipe No. 3. A clear juniper note, underpinned by fresh, citrusy and floral notes.


Fromm's Gin N ° 3 London Dry. Twelve medicinal herbal formulas form the basis and are namesake for our gins from Malanser spices. The summer recipe no. 3 with elderflower, lemongrass and rosemary has now made it into the bottle first. In the nose a clear juniper note, underpinned by fresh citrus and floral notes. On the palate, despite 45% mild and fruity. Immediately after the first sip you can feel the wholesome and soothing power of the 8 different medicinal herbs. 100% natural. All spices, herbs, berries and roots in our courtyard garden come without fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides. They are 100% natural. Handmade. As a three-person team we do all manufacturing steps in meticulous manual labor; from planting, harvesting and drying the spices to dipping the bottles in the wax bath. Recommendation: After a labor-intensive day, we enjoy our Gin No. 3 best with a good tonic, ice and a strip of grapefruit zest.

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