Maienfelder Absinthe La Bleue 52° Distillerie Lipp, Maienfeld, 50 cl.

Producer: Lipp Weingut & Destillerie

Country: Switzerland

Region: Maienfeld

Categorie: spirits

Bottle size: 50 cl.

Winestyle: ausdruckstark & fein

A complex Bleue, wonderfully balanced. A sweetish taste lingers on the tongue, you can taste the botanicals clearly. A finish of pleasant length, which leaves a slightly sweetish impression.

Vinification / aging

From wormwood, anise, fennel and other herbs, made from the house recipe. Diluting with water at a ratio of 1: 5 results in the characteristic turbidity.


Margrit and Martin Kunz-Keller in Maienfeld are among the pioneers in terms of renewal in Swiss distill. Earlier than most competitors, they relied on uncompromising quality and best raw products. In particular, Margrit Kunz-Keller was very involved in the Swiss distill scene, is an active member of the distill Forum and is valued as a competent juror. Kunz-Keller first distill vegetables such as carrots and beet roots, experimenting with local spices, herbs and flowers.

Daughter Carina and Reto Lipp continue the family-owned distillery and produces excellent distillates, on the one hand committed to the tradition of the house, on the other hand leave enough space for new ideas and ways. The Williams, for example, was once again great year after year. But at Reto Lipp he has become a little fresher and more fruity, because the distiller does not like Williams from overripe pears and processes the fruits before they become doughy. Whenever possible, products are distilled from the environment. The grapes come from our own vineyards. Carina Kunz is responsible for the wine and presses the grapes only very gently, so that in the pomace still enough juice for a particularly fruity brand remains.

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