Our producer: Domaine Prieuré Roch

Roch came from the Burgundian "royal dynasty" of the Leroy family and was a co-owner of the most famous wine domaine in the world, the »Domaine Romanée Conti«. He proceeded exactly as he did at the DRC in his own tiny winery in Nuits Saint Georges: Biodynamics in a puristic form. Unlike the varying Domaine Romanée Conti, the stems are never destemmed here! Everything is bottled unfiltered and almost unsulphured, simply pure nature.

His former employee, Yannick Champ, who now manages the fortunes of Domaine Prieuré Roch, almost surpasses him in meticulousness. Each vine is marked for its yield, if a vine shows rot for more than a year, not only are all the bunches from that plant discarded, they are eliminated and replanted. It is assumed here that completely healthy plants do not show any rot. The wines from the Prieuré Roch are a very special drinking experience, incredibly powerful and almost animal expression of the terroir and the fruit, no soft Burgundy, absolutely no concessions to the zeitgeist or the international wine tasters and critics, but a challenge of the puristic nature for real connoisseur. The climate change is of course very beneficial for this winery, since 2008 all harvests have been harvested very ripe. The sweetness and fruit have increased significantly since 2008, the green tannins of the stalks and the black vegetability have given way to the desired ripe freshness and the racy tannins from the stalks and stalks. Terroir, fruit, sweetness, freshness, breed and spice are in a very interesting exchange - certainly among the most interesting wines of Burgundy.

Due to the small quantities and the very high demand, we do not offer wines of Prieuré Roch in our webshop.

We ask for your understanding that these wines are primarily reserved for our regular customers in Switzerland and gastronomy. If you are interested, please send us an email.

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