Our producer: Domaine Vincent Dancer

Vincent Dancer founded his winery in 1996 in the lower part of Chassagne-Montrachet and is now actively supported by his son Théo.

He owes many of his possessions to the Lochardets heritage, so he shares many vineyards with the Domaines Ballot-Millot and Heitz-Lochardet. Its vineyards have been certified organic since 2012, and there is a high density of new plantings.

Vincent's technique in the cellar is to crush the grapes, then press them in a long, slow pneumatic press and vinify them without settling and without sulphur, with hardly any new wood: only 10% and then only if the cuvée is made of 10 or more barrels. Vincent uses no new wood, temperature control, stems or pump over for his red wines. The sulfur content of the wines is adjusted a month before bottling.

Whether in the vines or in the cellar, Vincent Dancer clearly chooses his own path. The wines were not always consistent in its early years, but today they are very much sought after.

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