Aligoté du Jardin Domaine Camille Thiriet 2021, 75 cl.

Producer: Domaine Camille Thiriet

Vintage: 2021

Country: France

Region: Côte de Beaune

Categorie: white wine

Bottle size: 75 cl.

Food recommendation: Käse, Fischvariationen, Pasta Gerichte, Krustentiere

Alcohol content: 12 %


The story of Camille Thiriet wines actually began in a garage behind the Château de Comblanchien. As a micro-négociant, tiny quantities of wines are produced and given the greatest possible attention. Nothing is left to chance here. The "Maison" was founded by Camille Thiriet and Matt Chittick, who met when both were working at the same time at the Domaine de Bellene with Nicolas Potel. Working with the many prestigious appellations at Domaine de Bellene, Camille and Matt were able to build a solid network of good relationships with winemakers from whom they source their grapes today. Camille Thiriet may be a very small company, but it is certainly on the verge of a major breakthrough.

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